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A wires-free world
Got an Apple Mac?
Technical Support

Home/small office solutions

We'll help you make the right purchasing decisions. You tell us what you want to do, how much you have to spend and we'll put together a customised package that works within the limits of your budget to meet your requirements.

Or, tell us what's on your wish-list, and we will devise a three-tier cost schedule that explains clearly exactly what you'll get for your money at each level. All our hardware packages are configured to ensure a maximum life span, meaning you can upgrade and improve as your budget allows without having to spend a fortune on expensive new kit.

We know where to buy the most up-to-date hardware at the best prices and have information on many Internet Service Providers to help you choose the one that's right for you.

We will advise you on specialised software packages to help you run your business more efficiently. We have direct experience of these because, before we make our recommendations, we test them ourselves and become completely familiar with how they work. In many cases we've found that we like them so much we use them ourselves!

And if you've already made your decisions and purchased your stuff, but just need a bit of help getting it all set up and working exactly as you want, we're more than happy to do just that. All you'll pay for is our time.

A wires-free world

One of our most popular services is our knowledge and experience of wireless networking. This enables you and your family and/or colleagues to communicate with each other and on the internet without the mess and clutter of installing wiring. We pride ourselves on keeping pace with this rapidly-developing technology, meaning that you'll get the most up-to-date solution that is available on the market today.

We'll ensure you have the most appropriate devices to suit your hardware configuration. And we'll take care of all security and access issues, so you can be confident that your data and systems are safe from unwanted intrusion.

We work with wired networks too, particularly in schools and larger office environments. We can advise you on the best configurations of cables, switches and hubs and have extensive knowledge of servers on PC, Mac and mixed platforms.


When we say we'll be there at 10 o'clock, we will be. We'll do our best to fit in with you and will give you a clear indication at the outset of the time we need to do the job properly.

When we make our first visit to discuss your requirements, we do a site survey to check what will be needed and will advise on where the various elements should be located to ensure optimum performance.

Our installations are clean and efficient and, because we’re used to working in people’s homes and in busy offices and schools, we’ve learned to operate quietly and unobtrusively.

Our performance standards are very high and we don't sign off the job until it's done to our satisfaction. We test until we are sure everything is working exactly as it should. And we'll come back as many times as is necessary within the first 30 days after the installation date to ensure that you are completely happy with your new setup.

If we hit a configuration problem during installation, we'll do our best to resolve it there and then. We have access to an extensive network of technical support and can troubleshoot on-site effectively for quick results. If your existing hardware is at fault, we'll recommend how and by whom it should be repaired. We may even be able to fix it for you on the spot.

Got an Apple?

So many people who buy Apple products in Europe tell us they find it really difficult to find conveniently-located, reliable Mac technical support. This is where we come in. We've been using Macs for 20 years and have found a fix for most things that go wrong.

iMac, iPod, iBook, Powerbook….we know how they work and we know how to fix them.

Technical Support

Once you become one of our clients, you're always on our mind. If you subscribe to our on-going maintenance package, we'll keep you informed of all developments that affect your individual configuration and will email you regularly with news of operating system updates, virus/security alerts, firmware upgrades, etc.

We will remind you when your systems need servicing and can offer both on and off-site services to ensure your equipment is maintained in top working order. If you live within a 15-mile radius, we'll even pick up your kit and return it to you once it is done, for a small additional charge.

Got an annoying software conflict you can't solve or a crash you can't recover from? Give us a call and we'll talk you through it step by step. This reduces your down-time and your costs. Once you subscribe to our maintenance package, telephone tech support is free. And if we can't fix it over the 'phone, you benefit from a reduced rate for the time it takes us to sort it out on or off-site.


All solutions are individually priced. We believe our rates to be competitive and we're told we offer excellent value for money. All costs are agreed before the job is begun and any savings achieved on estimates are passed on directly to you.

Our clients know that we will not cut corners or compromise with an inferior product. We test our solutions and our installations again and again until we are completely satisfied that they are working as they should.

And we’re so confident in the quality of what we do, that we are pleased to offer free technical support on every installation and maintenance job for a full 30 days.

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